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Cover of book Never Defenseless: Empowering Women's Self-Defense
Never Defenseless: Empowering Women's Self-Defense book on Amazon

The book “Never Defenseless: Empowering Women’s Self-Defense” has launched on Amazon garnering the ranking of “#1 New Release” in the Safety and First Aid category.

This is a first of a series of five books covering the unique women’s self-defense curriculum which can provide the average non-martial artist female an effective means for surviving and escaping a sexual or physical assault.

The curriculum provides the tools to be able to recognize, avoid, and resist a full power attack by a man even if you’ve never had training before.

This curriculum is different than others you’ve seen. We do not deal with the so-called common sense self-defense tips like walking with confidence, keeping your purse close to your body, not going to the ATM at 2 a.m. We all know this already.

We deal with the very narrow and dangerous portion of the actual physical attack -- and that is what is different about this book. We’ve had many women tell us this is the most modern, most effective method for resisting a physical assault they’ve found.

This first module covers the “Stay with People” principle. We use this principle juxtaposed with the “Go to People” principle to instantly determine our strategy. If we are confronted or attacked, we only must decide:

1. Stay right here where there are other people.

2. Escape so I can go to other people.

If we are in a public place, we want to Stay with People. Do not ever let yourself be taken somewhere. He will try to coerce or force you to leave the public area and take you to a more private place to affect his assault. The book has strategies and hands on techniques that focus on keeping you from being abducted. We have a dramatically different approach which allows you to defend yourself or defend yourself with a small child.

The Stay with People principle keeps you from being taken to a more private area. Cops call it the secondary crime scene and most of the time it will be where our worst nightmare resides. Some experts cite absolutely horrible, horrible odds of us ever coming back from here. It’s in this private place where no one can hear our screams that he can torture us, rape us repeatedly, then decide to kill us when he remembers he cannot afford to go back to prison.

This first Module 1 teaches you how to Stay with People. The upcoming Module 2 teaches you how to defend yourself, escape, and Go to People.

The ultimate message of this book is about empowerment. Knowledge by itself is not power. Knowledge plus action is power. I want women to find the power in the knowledge of what to expect and the action in learning what you can do.

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