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Updated: Aug 20, 2022

It's interesting that you often see the retort that it's rare that responsible armed citizens actually stop deadly shootings in progress. Perhaps that's because we don't have much media coverage which seems to be changing these days either because there are more sources for information or criminals are becoming that much more brazen.

photo of  Eli Dicken
Elisjsha Dicken recently saved numerous people from a mass shooter in a food court.

Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell on Twitter) put together a very well documented list of 10 times ordinary good citizens stopped murderous attacks:

  1. Elisjsha Dicken's incredible 40-yard engagement in an Indiana Mall food court.

  2. Vista View Apartments Attack — Charleston, WV

  3. West Freeway Church of Christ — White Settlement, TX

  4. New Life Church Shooting — Colorado Springs, CO

  5. Palms Internet Cafe Armed Robbery — Ocala, FL

  6. Three Corners Apartments Killing — Fort Smith, AR

  7. Peace In The City Scare — Titusville, FL

  8. Playoffz Nightclub Shooting — Lyman, SC

  9. Lodi Street Shooting — Syracuse, NY

  10. Media Madhouse Hold-Up — Elkhart, IN

Bottom line here is that you are not wrong if you feel the need to protect yourself and your loved ones in this period of social, cultural, and political fracturing.

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