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Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Forewarned is forearmed for your personal protection and self-defense.

You only need to read the news to understand that we cannot rely on other people or the law enforcement to safeguard us.

Cities are cutting back on police resources, violence is rising, and our society appears to be disintegrating on both a social and cultural level.

You've seen enough: now is the time to improve your knowledge and abilities so that you can defend your loved ones and yourself.

But, what can we do about protecting ourselves from this increasing violence?

You are looking for solid information to help you cut through the misinformation about self-defense, personal protection, security, and armed self-defense.

You've come to the right place.

Our emphasis is on individualized education and training. We want to examine both tried-and-true techniques as well as cutting-edge material from a variety of sources, regardless of whether you're a new student of this information, a concealed carrier, a responsible citizen, a first responder, or a security supplier. 

We will regularly question our prior education, the advice of others, and current practices.


Our experience and training in executive protection, defensive tactics, self-defense, and martial arts will have a significant impact on the information we present here.

The study of personal protection covers a wide range of both hard and soft skills, so the topics covered will be diverse. We'll also provide reviews of self-defense tools, gear, and educational sources.


This is an easy, convenient way to scan the information most interesting to you. See what's

going on outside of the blog.

In addition to sharing knowledge we've gained through experience and training, this site will also host videos and after-action reports of real-life incidents involving violent attacks and life threatening situations so we can learn from the experiences of others. 

Our posts are not intended to present a one-sided approach or dogma regarding  personal safety and self-defense.  There is no one way for us to respond to the incredibly complex and ever-shifting self-defense scenarios we might face. 

Standby to be educated, trained, and challenged. 

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